The trouble with the world is that the stupid are cocksure and the intelligent are full of doubt.
Bertrand Russell

Woohoo! A Jehovah’s Witness just came to our door, (a Japanese-speaking missionary from Peru, actually) and coincidentally, I happen to be wearing my Atheist t-shirt that my wife got me for my birthday from the Freedom From Religion Foundation! It says “This is what an ATHEIST looks like.” So as the missionary was fumbling through her bag for an English-language brochure, I stopped her and said, “Sorry, we are atheists,” and I pointed at my shirt. And she said, “Oh! Umm, sorry!” And I said, “Good luck!” And she said “Thank you, goodbye!”

Our educational system is formatted on the industry model, with the bell, the desks in a row, and children separated by age. Born with the beginning of industrialization, this model exists for producing the factory workers and consumers of the capitalist system.
Marike Reid-Gaudet, “Unschooling and Free Schools” (via privileged-person)
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For the record, I’m not abandoning the label “atheist”. The key is to change people’s perceptions of what atheists look like. Yes, some of us are insufferable, entitled pieces of shit… but some of us are actual decent people, coming from all walks of life.

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I can’t remember where I found this originally, but it remains one of my favorites.  It reminds me of that line in Tim Minchin’s Storm - “Because throughout history, every mystery, ever solved, has turned out to be… not magic.”  ~JJ

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