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There’s no such thing as a conservative hero.
Balthasar, according to Jesus. The Gospel of Biff, chapter 16 verse 10.
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This is from my other blog. I live in Japan, and sometimes I take pictures. Click the photo for a more readable size.

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My wife and I wrote this song a couple weeks ago and it’s been stuck in my head ever since. Feel free to add more lines- it’s easy, like this: “We know Jesus isn’t real, but nobody belieeeves us!” -cogitoergoatheist

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Jesus gets his nails done.

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personal interpretation

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Seen on Facebook:
“She already is a light in a dark place, but here is the part most of us forget when we’re telling our teenagers to be a good example: Her light comes from Jesus, not from her awesome behavior.”

Holy crap! If somebody told me that I’d be like F YOU! I won’t be some dead guy’s puppet! …And then I’d ask if my reaction came from Jesus as well. Of course the answer would be no, so I would choose to be bad- just to be in control of myself!

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